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brazilian classifieds in Los Angeles and California area

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Calling Brazil
/ Calling USA

In Brazil (country code: 55), the telephone numbering plan uses eight-digit local phone numbers, plus a two-digit area code. Public utility services use three-digit phone numbers.

To call United States, you have to dial: + 1 + City Area Code + Number you wish to call.

To call USA using a Prepaid Phone Card, follow the dialing instructions below:

Dial the Access Number
Enter your PIN Number
Enter the number you wish to dial:
Country exit code (00 or 011) + 1 + Area Code + Number you wish to call
Ex: For calling New York from the UK: Dial 00 + 1 + 212 (NY area code)+ phone number

International calls from Brazil
Outbound international calls use a 00 prefix, followed by the carrier selection code and the international telephone number. For instance, to call the international telephone number +cc-aa-nnnn-nnnn, you would use 00-xx-cc-aa-nnnn-nnnn. Since international telephone numbers can have up to 15 digits, the maximum number of digits to be dialed is 19.

Inbound international calls use +55-aa-nnnn-nnnn as the international telephone number. This must be preceded by a country-specific international call prefix.

Distance dialing
The format for a long-distance phone number is (aa) nnnn-nnnn or (0aa) nnnn-nnnn, where aa is the area code and nnnn-nnnn is the local phone number. Area codes are distributed geographically.

To dial a long-distance number within Brazil, you need to use a carrier selection code, to chose which long-distance carrier will be used. It is specified before the area code, so you should dial 0-xx-aa-nnnn-nnnn, where xx is the two-digit carrier selection code. Because of that, sometimes long-distance phone numbers are represented as (0xxaa) nnnn-nnnn, with literal x characters as placeholders which the caller will replace a carrier code.

Collect calls in Brazil
Local collect calls are dialed with the 9090 prefix, so to dial nnnn-nnnn, you would use 9090-nnnn-nnnn.

For long-distance collect the number 9 is added at the beginning. So to dial (0aa) nnnn-nnnn (the xx are not there just because it is the original phone number, i.e. without the additional two-digit carrier selection code), you would use 90-xx-aa-nnnn-nnnn.

When the person answers the telephone, she is warned that she is answering a collect call, and the dialer will be demanded to say his location and name, so the aswerer will be able to know within some non-payd seconds if he knows the caller of not.

A note about mobile telephony in Brazil
Mobile phone numbers are prefixed with the digit '7', '8' or '9'. '7' is used mainly for radiophone use (iDEN technology), but there is an exception in São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro area (11 and 21 respectively), where CDMA and GSM mobile phones can also start with '7'.

Numbers with an '8' are always GSM Mobiles, while '9' can be mostly analogue (AMPS), TDMA and CDMA mobiles. The prefix number in mobile telephony is related to the license the carrier has. On newer licenses, use of the '8' digit is mandatory, while the previously state-owned mobile operators always uses '9' (or '7', in some cases in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro area). Some GSM mobiles can be prefixed with a '9' because the now privatized operators decided to overlay using this technology.

Mobile phone numbers always have eight digits. Exceptions existed in Brasília until 2005.

Brazil Local dialing
The format for a local phone number is nnnn-nnnn, where the first digit identifies the service associated with the phone number:

2 to 5: fixed phone
6 to 9: mobile phone

From January to December 2008 the first digit "6" will be replaced (mostly by "2"). The first digit "6" will be used for mobile phones in near future. This change will affect area code "11" (São Paulo city and neighborhood) since it is the only one that currently uses "6" as first digit. This change is effective for all Brazil.

Some localities used a seven-digit local number until 2005, in the format nnn-nnnn. Until the 1990s, there were certain regions with three-digit area codes and five (n-nnnn) or six-digit (nn-nnnn) phone numbers.

Numbers started with 400x, are exclusively used for big corporations and enterprises, for nationalwide (ou in a exclusive area) for phone attendance, or ISP (or private) dial-up service.

Numbers started with 1700, are used by some ISP's with agreement with the Oi Fixo carrier, for internet dial-up access inner all service area of the Oi

Public utility Numbers in Brazil
The format for public utility service phone numbers is 1nn. It includes the emergency services, some of which are:

100: Human Rights secretary
128: MERCOSUL emergency services
190: military police
191: federal highway patrol
192: ambulance
193: firefighters
194: federal police
197: civil police
198: state highway patrol
199: civil defense
Most citizens only know the 190 (military police) number for emergencies, but 192 (ambulance) 193 (firefighters), 199 (civil defense) are also known.

The currently allocated prefixes are:

0300: flat rate calls
0303: televoting, charged at local rate
0500: premium-rate telephone numbers for donations, with a maximum of R$ 30,00
0800: toll-free telephone numbers
0900: premium-rate telephone numbers



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