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California Dental Centers - Dentists

Ana Adler Niehoff - Manhattan Beach Cosmetic Dentist

Ana Adler Niehoff

Address:1590 Rosecrans av. St N, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Phone: (310) 643-6004
Fax: (310) 643-0127

Description: Quality Cosmetic, reconstructive and family dentistry at affordable prices. Dr. speaks Portuguese and most insurances are welcome and accepted.

Henriques Cosmetic Dentistry - California Dental Care

Henriques Cosmetic Dentistry

Address: 2301 Artesia Blvd., Suite 12 Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Phone: (310) 371 0620

Description: Most of treatments available. Cosmetic Dentistry

Carlos E.Setti, D.D.S. - Los Angeles Dental Care

Carlos E.Setti, D.D.S.

Address: 5000 Sunset blvd suite 620
(323) 662 6665

Description: Gentle quality dentistry at affordable prices. Most of insurances welcome. Free exam.

Julie Park D.D.S. - Torrance California Dental Care

Julie Park D.D.S.

Torrance, CA
(310) 378-9090

Description: General and Cosmetic Dentistry. Doctor speaks Portuguese, spanish, korean.

Periodontist and Dental Implants - Los Angeles Dental Care

Periodontist and Dental Implants

Address: 414 North Camden Drive #1240
(310) 550-8336

Description: Specialized in treatment of gums, dental implants, cleanings and cosmetics of the gum. Brazilian Portuguese spoken at the office. Doctor trained at UCLA and UCS. Currently instructor @ UCLA periodontics department


Cosmetic Dental

Porcelain Veneers/Laminates (From Average to Outstanding in Just a Few Steps)

Many people desire a brighter, cleaner, more attractive smile, but have chipped, stained, discolored, unevenly spaced or even slightly crooked front teeth. Often, porcelain veneers or laminates can provide these people with a completely new-looking smile in just a few simple appointments. If this sounds like you, we will be glad to help evaluate your specific situation, listen to the exact changes you have in mind and help you visualize your end results. This may involve a diagnostic 'wax up', reviewing photos of similar case outcomes or using a computer enhancement program to provide you with several options prior to performing the actual procedure.

Fortunately, most veneers can be applied in one or two simple appointments. Afterwards, you'll just need to clean and floss your new smile daily, visit us regularly for professional care and maintenance, and consider wearing a night-guard to prevent any accidental gritting or grinding pressure while you sleep. I want my front teeth to look better but I don't want to wear braces. What would you recommend? A new smile can revitalize your overall appearance and improve your self-esteem. A new smile can change your life! There are several procedures that can give you a brighter, more attractive smile. These non-orthodontic treatments include veneers, whitening, bonding and recontouring (eliminating that "gummy" smile!). After conducting a thorough examination and consultation, a dentist can create a customized treatment plan to help you get that new smile!

What is Smile Analysis?
The key to success in aesthetic dentistry is a clear understanding of your desired outcome. When you decide to correct or enhance your smile, A dentist can complete your oral exam, discuss your smile goals, and create a treatment plan customized to meet your specific needs and goals. Your doctor can use digital imaging technology to let you envision the possibilities of your new smile.

What is Smile Design? Using all we know about what is perceived to be a beautiful smile, a dentist can advise and assist you with the creation of desired goals and assessment of treatment options. In designing your new smile, we will first examine the length, width, and proportion of your teeth, how the lips fall, and the symmetry and size of your gums. We will then take these measurements and, using the information gathered during your Smile Analysis, create a customized treatment plan outlining the nature of your treatment, the duration and the financial investment.

Teeth Whitening ( Bringing Out Your Very Best Smile)
If you'd like to smile more confidently, knowing your teeth are their whitest and brightest, you might want to consider dentist-supervised tooth whitening. Teeth whitening is a safe, effective and lasting way to lighten most people's smiles and is available in a wide variety of methods and concentrations for various kinds of teeth. Simply talk with us about the criteria for best results, how whitening could impact your particular situation and which procedure will best suit your needs. Whitening treatments are most successful in removing yellow, brown or orange tinges resulting from age, coffee, tea or smoking.

There are two primary methods of whitening: in-office whitening and supervised at-home whitening. In-office techniques often make use of a light-activated gel application, require as little as one to two hours, and can immediately improve color. Supervised at-home methods produce results via daily sessions over two to six weeks of wearing a customized gel-filled tray appliance, and result in a dramatic improvement.

Dental Imaging (So Much to Look Forward To!)
When you decide to correct or enhance your smile, it's often difficult to determine ahead of time exactly what kind of results to expect. After all, a smile is a pretty personal thing; and changing a smile is a pretty sensitive business. That's where cosmetic digital imaging comes into play. This computer-based digital technology allows your dentist to create true-to-life photographs of your very own mouth, as if the recommended procedures had already been completed. So whether you're considering teeth whitening, straightening, bonding, veneers, or full smile re-contouring, digital imaging technology lets you envision the possibilities of how your new smile can look and function.

The process is quite simple. Once the dentist has completed your oral exam and discussed your 'smile' goals, a treatment plan will be created. Then, various digital photos of your current smile will be taken and change factors will be keyed into the computer. The computer generates one or more graphic images that accurately demonstrate how those specific changes will affect the appearance of your mouth as well as your entire expression. It's a fun process and produces excited smiles all around. Plus, it's often possible to take home a copy of the photos to discuss with family or friends prior to making any decisions.


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