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  Los Angeles English Schools

American Eagle English - Internet Language School

American Eagle English

Many people are finding out about the American Eagle English School. The following are testimonials of some of our students; "Learning English was one of my dreams. Through American Eagle English School, that dream became a reality...". "I am loving the course and I recommend to all of my friends. I hope they will enjoy the course".

To be sure when choosing an English course, the American Eagle English offers a free trial in which you will have access to your first class introduction at no additional cost. The free class is the best way of assuring that there is no other online course like ours.

E-mail: suporte@omelhoringles.com
Visit website: www.omelhoringles.com

POLY Languages Institute - Los Angeles English School

Poly Languages Institute

Address: 4201 Wilshire Blvd Suite 509 - Los Angeles California
Phone: 323.933.9399 Fax: 323.933.9361

POLY's Semi-intensive schedule is designed for the student who wishes to study at POLY long-term (6-12 months). If a student is enrolled in in ESL or TOEFL preparation, then he or she will take three classes a day, five days a week, for a total of 18 weekly instruction hours.

LSI - Los Angeles Language Centers - English School

LSI - Los Angeles Language Centers

Address: 3625 Del Amo Blvd. Suite 370 Torrance, CA 90503

LSI offers 7 levels of English using a unique rotation system: Students have 3 teachers everyday, improving exposure to English and making learning more fun and effective.


CaliforniaBrazil.com Tips

Tips for Getting People to Slow Down!!
English as 2nd Language

One of the biggest problems is speed. Native speakers, especially business people, tend to speak very quickly on the telephone. Here are some practical tips to get native speakers of English to slow down!

  • Immediately ask the person to speak slowly.

  • When taking note of a name or important information, repeat each piece of information as the person speaks.

    This is an especially effective tool. By repeating each important piece of information or each number or letter as the spell or give you a telephone number you automatically slow the speaker down.

  • Do not say you have understood if you have not. Ask the person to repeat until you have understood.

    Remember that the other person needs to make himself/herself understood and it is in his/her interest to make sure that you have understood. If you ask a person to explain more than twice they will usually slow down.

  • If the person does not slow down begin speaking your own language!

    A sentence or two of another language spoken quickly will remind the person that they are fortunate because THEY do not need to speak a different language to communicate. Used carefully, this exercise in humbling the other speaker can be very effective. Just be sure to use it with colleagues and not with a boss :-)!

source: http://esl.about.com


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