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California Moving Companies

Confiança Moving - Los Angeles Moving Services

Confianca Moving

Address: 16927 S. Main St.-Unit A-Carson - CA 90248
Phone: (213) 614-9000

Description: Servicing you in the United States, anywhere, any season. The CONFIANÇA has a distinctive service. We plan your moving in a swift and efficient manner to make it a fast and secure transportation of your furniture, machines and small equipment, allowing your company to resume its activities easily.

Phil's Transfer & Storage- Los Angeles Moving Services

Phil's Transfer & Storage

627 Silver Lake Blvd - Los Angeles, CA 90026-3616
Phone: (818) 502-0534

Bellflower movers storage auto transport car moving boat...

Cleber Pereira - Los Angeles Moving Services

Cleber Pereira

Los Angeles - California
Phone: (323) 463 0795 and (323) 717 7502

Packing and Unpacking Services Tips

Packing Tips For Moving

Separate your boxes by size, and place appropriate size boxes in each room. All boxes are identified by a product name and box # (located on bottom of box) to indicate the ideal product or weight that the box is best suited for.

Have all supplies (i.e. tape, bubble, packing paper) lined up next to your boxes when packing.
Pack one room at a time, marking each box with a description of its contents and destination (i.e. kitchen, master bath).

Put heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes. Keep weight of boxes reasonable. Group items of similar size and weight. Wrap heaviest items first with bubble wrap or packing paper and place on bottom of box. Wrap lighter items with same and place on top of heavier items, separated by bubble. Fill all voids with packing paper or bubble wrap to prevent shifting.

Double box fragile items and fill voids between boxes with packing paper or bubble cushioning to avoid shifting.

Use "FRAGILE" labels on boxes with breakable items. This will alert movers to handle with care.
When making boxes, reinforce the bottom of all boxes with 2" packing tape. Start by taping the seam where the two flaps meet, leaving 4' of overlap on each side. Add two more strips in the same direction, on both sides of your first strip, approximately half way between your strip and the edge of the box. For additional reinforcement, add two perpendicular strips equidistant from each other and the edge of the box. Use a tape dispenser to make the job easier.

Fill each box as much as possible using packing paper to fill empty space to prevent shifting and breakage.

Make sure tops and sides of boxes do not bulge or sag. Under-packed boxes may collapse and over-packed boxes may rupture.

For books, lay your books flat and alternate bindings to prevent damage.

Pack plates on their edges in double wall corrugated dish boxes. Dish/Glass Dividers (also known as cell packs) will help keep these items safe and organized.

Bubble wrap your fragile items. Small bubble is recommended for smaller, lighter weight items. Large bubble (more air in bubbles) is recommended for larger, heavier weight items. For added protection, line your box with bubble before packing.

To keep large items clean and sanitary, use mattress bags, furniture bags, and stretch wrap.

Use moving blankets to wrap furniture, appliances, TV's, or other large objects

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